Blec SR5H Rotor Rake

Standort: Toggam Farm,New Gravel Drove,Sedge Fen Road,Lakenheath,Suffolk
Händlerprofil: Greenheath Limited
(44)1638 507785
Fax: +44(0)1842861938
Modell: SR5H Rotor Rake
Baujahr: 2007
Seriennr. 72129
Vorbesitzer 1
Interne Lagernr. 8780

BLEC Rotor Rake - For Compact Tractors FEATURES ? Accurate raking and levelling in one pass ? Bi-angling rotor windrows stones and debris ? Works on a wide range of ground conditions ? Detachable rotor system allows quick fitment of optional rotors and rotary brush ? Front rake tine bar ? Models to suit tractors from 15-100hp The BLEC Rotor Rake is an ideal implement for preparing the soil for either seeding or turfing – the working principle is simple. A heavy duty rotor is fitted with high quality teeth mounted in a spiral sequence – the rotor contra rotates and the teeth penetrate the soil up to 50mm and separate the stones and debris from the soil into a windrow to the side, and by working in a uniform way large areas can be raked off quickly and easily. Depth adjustment is via the rear castor wheel screw jacks.

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